Guaranteed 100% Uptime

Reliability, connectivity, stability – or your money back. Our objectives are to provide you with a remote computer that is reliable and always connected. We do this by using modern server hardware and implementing multiple network redundancies, so if one connection goes down, another automatically takes over.

Server Uptime

Guaranteed 100%

This is our target – if your server ever experiences technical issues from our side, we’ll compensate you as indicated in compensation below

Real 99.999%

Our servers are rock solid and stable – unlike some other providers we’re not afraid to publish our industry leading real uptime

Self Healing

Our high server uptime is achieved via technology that dynamically moves client’s data to most reliable server nodes if problem is detected

Network Uptime

Guaranteed 100%

This is our target – if our network ever goes down, even for a minute, we’ll compensate you as indicated in compensation table below

Real 99.999%

Our network is modern with numerous contingencies in place, ensuring one of the highest real network uptime rates among all providers

Multiple Redundancies

we have 15 Internet suppliers, so if one goes down or slows down, another automatically takes over ensuring, both, reliable connectivity and low latency

Outage Compensation

We Take Outages Seriously if you ever experience a server or network outage let us know and we will refund portion or entirety of your subscription as outlined below – compare this to many other providers that just give you service credits
Outage Length
Refund Amount
Under 10 minutes
8 hours
10-29 minutes
12 hours
30-120 minutes
24 hours
2-6 hours
48 hours
6-12 hours
96 hours
12-24 hours
240 hours
24-48 hours
480 hours
over 48 hours
full refund
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