Dedicated Servers
for Traders

Enhance your trading experience with ChartVPS. Our servers, designed specifically for trading activities, ensure top-tier performance without interruptions.

Dedicated Servers for Trading - Illustration

Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing

Elevate your trading with unmatched speed on our dedicated servers.
Stay always a step ahead.


50% off for first month on all plans

Pay 11 months get 12th free!

$ 190 2090


$ 260 2860

/month /year

$ 150 1650




Our trading framework incorporates price action, statistics, volume, momentum, and quantitative analysis.

ChartVPS ServerIQ

Real-time Server Monitoring: Network status, CPU tracking, customizable alerts, process monitoring.

Daily Snapshot (backup)

Complete system snapshot, securely maintained and backed up daily - does not degrade overall performance.

Tested Platform Support

Trusted by algo developers

Customized Trading Server Needs?

Tell us your requirements, and we'll tailor the Dedicated Server for you

From $150/month

Dedicated Server Specials

Ideal for traders who prioritize efficiency without compromising on power. Packed with a 4-core CPU, 16GB RAM, and a reliable 480GB SSD, this plan offers an optimal trading environment for those looking for top-tier performance on a budget.

Note: Offerings vary. These are limited-time deals, representing the pinnacle of cost-efficiency.

Trade Faster, Trade Smarter

With ChartVPS dedicated servers, every millisecond counts.
Ready to get started?

From $190/month

Institutional Dedicated Servers

Perfectly tailored for the trading professionals, this plan packs a powerful 8-core CPU with 64GB RAM and a fast 960GB SSD, ensuring swift executions, suited for diverse trading platforms and tools.

Trade with Precision and Power

ChartVPS servers: Fast. Reliable. Unmatched.
Ready for unparalleled trading?

From $260/month

Quant Dedicated Servers

Designed for traders who harness data analytics and quantitative algorithms. This powerhouse brings together a 10-core CPU, a whopping 128GB RAM, and an extensive 1.8TB SSD storage, ensuring high-frequency trading tools run without a hitch.

Elevate Your Trades with ChartVPS

Don't let lag or downtime hinder your trading.

Peak Performance

The perfect blend of server capability and platform finesse.


0-1ms latency​

Experience ultra-fast response times. Ensure your trades execute swiftly, reducing slippage and optimizing your trade efficiency.

10Gbps network

Leverage the power of high-speed data transfer. Real-time data flow ensures you never miss a beat, keeping your trades timely and informed.

Windows Server 2022

Rely on the robust stability of Windows Server 2022. With top-tier security measures, your trading operations and data remain safeguarded.

NEXT Scripts​

Delve into advanced trading algorithms. Crafted for precision, these scripts fine-tune your strategies, enhancing your market position.

NEXT Trading Rooms​

Engage with seasoned trading experts. Receive invaluable insights and tactical advice, consistently empowering your trading journey.

ChartVPS Overdrive

Empower your trading applications. Optimal performance and rapid responsiveness ensure your trades are executed at peak efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ChartVPS dedicated servers?

ChartVPS dedicated servers represent a meticulously engineered solution catering to traders' specific demands. They leverage cutting-edge hardware components, including high-frequency processors and SSDs, to facilitate efficient trading algorithm execution and data analysis. The servers boast a low-latency, redundant network architecture for swift data access and trading execution. Robust security measures safeguard against cyber threats, while customization options enable traders to tailor server configurations to their unique strategies, making them ideally suited for high-performance trading in modern financial markets.

What's the significance of 0-1ms latency?

Our ultra-low latency of 0-1ms guarantees lightning-fast response times for your trading activities, leading to rapid trade executions, minimized slippage, and maximized trade efficiency.

Can I customize a dedicated server based on my trading needs?

Absolutely! If our preconfigured plans don't match your trading needs, please reach out with your specific requirements, and we'll build a custom dedicated server that matches them.

Does ChartVPS have a dark fiber or a dedicated line to CME?

At the moment, we don't offer a direct link to the CME due to its high cost, which might not align with most of our plans. However, our latency remains remarkably low, varying from 0 to a mere 1 millisecond. That means it's completely compatible with high frequency trading strategies and order execution.

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