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Financial Hosting Technologies

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About our company

First on the Scene

Established in 2013, ChartVPS is one of the first finance-focused VPS and dedicated server providers

Market Leader

Technological market leader with over 200% annual subscriber growth


ChartVPS is trusted by hedge funds, professional traders, retail traders,,and algo developers. See more

Acclaimed Support

Our support staff is highly skilled (with financial background), fairly compensated, and based in US/Canada

Environmentally Focused

We take responsibility for our carbon footprint - 1% of all profits go to charities such as Rainforest Action Network

Privacy First

Highest (128-bit) encryption to client servers and web accounts. No sharing of any client data with anyone, period.

Our Timeline


ChartVPS is established - we're one of the first finance-focused VPS and dedicated server providers in the market


Launched 12 new global data center locations, including expansion into European and Asian markets


Annual client growth surpasses 100%


ChartVPS acquires MNikolic Investment Research, a leading developer of trading algorithms


Launched ChartVPS NEXT - a powerful and versatile trading algo framework - making us the world's first full-stack financial hosting company

Call, Live Chat or E-mail

Call, Live Chat or E-mail any time for prompt assistance. Our North American staff includes engineers and traders, so expect a personalized, informed solution to any problem.

Remote Hands Included

Should you ever need hands-on help, we'll remote connect to your computer or server and resolve issues for you - while you watch what we do.

Trading & Platform Experience

We understand trading and are familiar with all of the major trading platforms, so feel free to geek out and ask technical questions.

Information on Tap

We offer tutorials and step-by-step guides to all subscribers new to VPS or remote trading technologies.

Software Installation & Management

Upon request, we'll install and set-up any platforms, add-ons, or other software required for your trading set-up.

NEXT Level

All subscriptions include access to ChartVPS NEXT (Nonparametric EXTrapolation) algorithmic framework, featuring real-time market signals, and fancy indicator/strategy scripts.

Environmental Focus

Running powerful servers consumes a lot of energy - sourcing that energy and addressing our carbon footprint is essential to our operation - and success - as a leading financial hosting company

Being co-located in over a dozen data centers across the world means we ensure that the technology partners we select share our passion for fighting climate change, making the planet livable for all, and reducing carbon footprint.

total energy sourced from sustainable renewables (we are aiming for 100%)
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of all ChartVPS profits go to environmental organizations tackling climate change
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environmental certifications, such as Energy Star, LEED, ISO 14001/50001
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environmental organizations we fund on regular basis
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Social Responsibility

Equality and equal opportunity for all - our primary core value begins with our employees and carries on to rest of the world

Actionable respect and equality for all life is our corporate guiding principle. If we make money, it cannot be extractive. Our profit-seeking activities are aimed at benefiting anyone we interact with. We pursue this by voluntarily following UN's Sustainable Development Goals, along with our own hearts.

the number of UN's Sustainable Development Goals (out of 17) we're actively pursuing
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equal pay across all gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation
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free trading tools (algos, strategies, indicators) we've built and published for the public in our pursuit of financial literacy for all
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compensation above the industry average across all company positions
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ChartVPS Gives

We donate 1% of our profits to charities and non-profits focusing on
curbing climate change, protecting wildlife, and fueling social justice

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