ChartVPS Technology

technology built for trading



Enthusiast-class hardware and software in our servers have been specifically selected and tested to work with demanding trading platforms, even during times of volatility.



The entire connection between your device and our servers is fully encrypted. Data centers feature active DDoS protection, firewalls, biometric, and manned security.



Our data centers use 100% renewable energy or are in process of getting there. 1% of all profits go back to reducing carbon footprint via reforestation and habitat protection.

Server Hardware

Guaranteed Resources

All advertised plan hardware (like CPU speed) are guaranteed and provisioned to your VPS or dedicated server - you don't share your hardware with other clients so things like CPU can run sustained maximum speeds with no limits (see ChartVPS Overdrive technology below).

Dedicated Networking

10 Gbps burst network connectivity for VPS plans and 1 Gbps unmetered, sustained for dedicated servers. For reference, most other providers offer only 100 Mbps (0.1 Gbps). All plans come with a dedicated (static) IP address - will will not change unless you request it.

High-Bandwidth Memory

Ultra fast DDR4 (soon DDR5) RAM capable of automatically detecting and self-correcting data errors (via ECC technology). Multi-channel, high bandwidth data transfer between CPU and RAM.

Speedy Processors

Modern generation, genuine Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc/Ryzen processors, each tested for stability and performance via Passmark. We only carry enthusiast or enterprise class CPU, which ensure stability and reliability.

Ultra-Low Latency

0-2ms latency between our data centers and area brokers/exchanges e.g. ChartVPS Chicago and CME. High frequency trading (HFT) tested and verified, with low/no slippage order execution.

Speedy Storage

All plans feature high-speed SSD (solid state drive) storage, including NVMe, NAND, and PCIe Gen 4 varieties, which are up to 10 times faster than Gen 3 SSDs and 100x faster than conventional hard drives. Platforms and charts load in seconds, applications install and launch near instantaneously.

Full Admin Access

You are the driver. Every server comes with full administrative, root access and privileges. That means you can install and run any programs you wish, and configure the server to what you need it to do

Max Security

Military-grade encryption between your local devices and VPS, with connectivity via custom RDP ports (protection against IP scanning bots). Software and hardware firewalls. Active DDoS protection. Biometric and manned security at data centers.

Generous Load Balancing

Not all servers are the same - ours come with gratuitous amounts of hardware resources delivered via intelligent load balancing. So a dual core VPS on paper delivers true dual core performance in the real world. Does not apply to dedicated servers since they get 100% the resources.

Rock-Solid Stability

Self-healing technology - your VPS is automatically migrated to another hardware node if the current experiences technical issues, ensuring stability and uptime. Dedicated servers are thoroughly tested for heat dissipation and things like memory operations before being delivered.

Network & Infrastructure

Industry-Leading Uptime

Extremely high 99.99% real server uptime; 100% uptime SLA. While some providers only publish SLA, we are happy to share our real uptime, because it is the one that ultimately affects your connectivity.

Extensive Network

We're part of an extensive global optical network (Internet backbone), running at end-to-end speeds of 720 Gbps (intercity) and 320 Gbps (metropolitan areas).

Top-tier Connectivity

We have 15 network providers (including Cogent, Level 3, AT&T, Qwest, Suddenlink) supplying redundancy internet connections, ensuring your VPS remains on-line, even if some of them go down.

Network Routing

Broader Gateway Protocol (BGP) with intelligent routing, ensuring your data is sent via fastest, most reliable path (continually tested on real-world performance).

Power Management

Power grid priority with power supply redundancy - 2N power via 4 power plants; uninterruptable power supply (on site fuel) with generators tested bi-weekly.

Security and DDoS

Network-wide DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection with advanced detection algorithms, guarding servers from attacks, hacks, and malware.

Our Certifications

We are collocated inside enterprise data centers like Equinix, TierPoint, Deft, QTS, Digital Realty. They are audited (SSAE 18, SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, GLBA, HIPAA standards), compliant to ITAR and EU-US Privacy Shield, and LEED and Energy Star certified.

Green and Sustainable

Servers consume a lot of power. Many of our data centers are already carbon-neutral, running on 100% renewables. The rest are getting there, pronto. We also give 1% of our profits to organizations undertaking reforestation and habitat protection.

Controlled Environment

Advanced data center cooling with APC's high-grade InRow cooling infrastructure. Humidity monitoring, Xtralis's VESDA smoke detection, dry-pipe fire suppression.

Performance Benchmarks

Algos as a service

Developed for traders looking to augment their trading strategies, or discover new ones, ChartVPS NEXT is an extensive algo framework that incorporates numerous fields of asset valuation, including price action, statistics, volume, momentum, and quantitative analysis. These strategies are published via trading rooms (signals) and scripts (indicators, etc.).

Access to ChartVPS NEXT is included with all plans.

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