Pro-level algos
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ChartVPS NEXT (Nonparametric EXTrapolation) algorithmic framework incorporates price action, statistics, volume, momentum, and quantitative analysis. It comes in 2 forms: trading rooms and scripts.

Included with all ChartVPS subscriptions.

NEXT Trading Rooms

ChartVPS NEXT algorithmic framework is comprehensive, covering many fields of market valuation, including price action, statistics, volume, breadth, momentum, and quantitative analysis. NEXT is short for Nonparametric EXTrapolation - which is statistics lingo describing the discovery of relationships outside prescribed (known) models and parameters. Translation: NEXT was built from ground up to discover trading opportunities beyond the established realm of technical and fundamental analysis.

Trading Rooms are Discord channels that publish trades taken by the NEXT framework, based on its algorithms. All trades are posted in real-time, including entry and exit positions. They are used by our clients as signals when making trading decisions.

NEXT Scripts

We publish snippets of the NEXT framework through various scripts covering many of the valuation methods discussed above. Although they do not represent the entire framework nor the composite classes of algos used to publish trades in our Trading Rooms (again, see above), Scripts nevertheless give you a taste of our preferred form of analysis.

NEXT Scripts (new and updated) are released on regular basis, and mirror the evolution of the NEXT framework. They run in the TradingView platform, our technology partner in all charting matters.

NEXT Access

Public Utility / Free

As part of our commitment to fostering global financial literacy, we actively release and maintain scripts, algorithms, and trading rooms for anyone to use. You can also see it as an sample of what a full-fledged ChartVPS subscription has offer.

ChartVPS Subscribers

All ChartVPS plans, regardless of their price point, include everything in the Public Utility tier, in addition to premium content. The extra content includes more technical analysis tools, such as scripts, more sophisticated algorithms and strategies, more personalization, and more trading rooms.

NEXT Level

For inquiring minds, we offer a wealth of info on all NEXT algos

Strategy Search

Match your trading objectives and risk appetite with our algos! Our Strategy Library lists and details all of the active scripts and trading room algos. A great resource for learning about various analysis techniques we employ in our trading.

Be an Insider

Insider is our web publication that covers everything about ChartVPS NEXT. This includes updates on all our algo research and development, previews, strategy statistics, and all upcoming products. Be in the know, now.

Legacy Tools

Some of the older tools we designed for the Tradestation/MultiCharts/Metatrader platforms


Tracks the difference (and momentum) between stocks ticking up (uptrending) and down (downtrending) in the New York Stock Exchange.

TradeBuilder Community Edition

This comprehensive strategy-building framework lets traders combine elements from up to 5 technical analysis indicators (around 45 input parameters) in order to build composite rules for long and short signals.

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