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Bring Out Your Alpha

Our Alpha Series plans rank in the top 1% of all world-tested VPS. Used by real day traders and professionals, Alpha delivers the very best performance in the VPS market today.

VPS Hosting for Traders - Illustration

Ryzen 7950X-Powered VPS

Trade anything lag free, courtesy of the world's highest scoring enthusiast class CPU


First month 50% off on all plans

Pay 11 months get 12th free!

Alpha Mark-1

$60 $660per month per year

Alpha Mark-2

$110 $1210per month per year

Alpha Mark-3

$170 $1870per month per year



Our trading framework incorporates price action, statistics, volume, momentum, and quantitative analysis.

ChartVPS ServerIQ

Real-time Server Monitoring: Network status, CPU tracking, customizable alerts, process monitoring.

Daily Snapshot (backup)

Complete system snapshot, securely maintained and backed up daily - does not degrade overall performance.

ChartVPS TradeCopy

Mirror elite traders with ChartVPS TradeCopy. Achieve institutional-grade <1ms trade copying latency for minimal slippage and maximum strategy fidelity. Trade smarter, not harder - available on all our VPS plans.

Deploy Ryzen-Powered VPS

Discover what the world's best CPU means for your trade execution and backtesting

Alpha VPS Advantages

ChartVPS ensures rapid deployment in 20 pivotal world locations.


NYC & CHI Data Centers

Our Alpha Series servers are strategically located in enterprise-class data centers near major exchanges and brokers, minimizing slippage.

Ryzen 7950X Processing

The mighty Ryzen 7950X CPU delivers best-in-class performance engineered to handle complex trading platforms with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Gen4 NVMe SSD Storage

Up to 7000/5000 MB/s read/write speeds ensure ultra-fast data processing for high frequency trading, reducing load times for a decisive edge in the markets.


RAM Rich

Alpha Series tiers feature 2x the RAM of our other VPS, ensuring your server has plenty of memory for complex strategies, deep backtesting, and optimization.

Dedicated 1Gbps+ Network

A minimum 1Gbps dedicated internet connection with redundancies ensures a perpetual connection that's not shared with anyone else.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock, eager to help resolve any issue via any means - chat, phone, email, even remote desktop assistance.

Efficient Workload Distribution

We optimize server performance with advanced load balancing, distributing workloads across dedicated resources. This approach significantly differs from mainstream providers that use shared environments. Our system’s dedicated resource allocation ensures each trading application has adequate resources, free from the impact of shared usage, providing a more stable and efficient trading platform.

Ryzen 7950X Leads the Pack

Our Alpha-Series VPS lineup features the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, achieving a 63,112 CPU Mark, outperforming NinjaMobileTrader's Ryzen 5900X and the Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors of ForexVPS and SpeedyTradingServers. This selection prioritizes high-speed, stable performance for advanced trading platforms, offering traders a competitive edge in the market.

Single-Thread CPU Dominance

This high-caliber single-threading advantage is what sets our Alpha-Series apart in the trading industry. While competitors may utilize CPUs like the 5900X or various Intel Xeons, they fall short in single-threaded tasks where the 7950X excels. Our Alpha-Series VPS, powered by the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, tops the chart with a 4,297 single-thread Passmark score, essential for trading platforms like NinjaTrader 8 that rely on fast single-thread performance.

Trade Faster, Trade Smarter

With our Ryzen-powered VPS servers, every millisecond counts.

Responsive Charts & Quick Data Analysis

Enhance order speed and minimize hardware and network lag while trading.

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X vs Average VPS CPU

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "0-1ms latency" in your VPS plans?

0-1ms latency indicates an ultra-low network latency inherent to our server infrastructure, ensuring rapid data transmission and processing times. This minimal delay is essential for efficient real-time trade execution, mitigating potential slippage, and optimizing order routing in high-frequency trading (HFT) setups.

Does ChartVPS provide a dedicated line to CME?

ChartVPS does not maintain a direct peering link to the CME infrastructure. Establishing such dedicated lines, often referred to as Direct Market Access (DMA) connections, is incredibly expensive and not something we can pass on to our clients at a reasonable price. However, our network topology ensures ultra-low latency, typically registering in the 0 to 1-millisecond range, optimizing order execution speeds, even for ultra high frequency traders.

What steps does ChartVPS take to ensure maximum security for its traders?

ChartVPS incorporates industry-leading security measures in each of our server plans. All remote desktop connections leverage RC4 cipher with 128-bit encryption, ensuring secure data transmission between you and the server. We even offer non-standard RDP ports to deter automated IP scanning bots and have integrated advanced hardware firewalls for network protection. Our data centers employ sophisticated biometric authentication systems, and a specialized cybersecurity team continuously monitors network traffic for potential threats and anomalies.

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