VPS Hosting
for Traders

Dive into our comprehensive VPS hosting solutions, designed with precision to meet the dynamic demands of modern trading environments.

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VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

High-performance hardware for traders
Xeon CPUs | 10Gbps Network | Fast SSDs | 20 Data Centers


50% off for first month on all plans

Pay 11 months get 12th free!

Trader VPS

$ 50 550/month /year

Daytrader VPS

$ 80 880/month /year

Professional VPS

$ 140 1540/month /year



Our trading framework incorporates price action, statistics, volume, momentum, and quantitative analysis.

ChartVPS ServerIQ

Real-time Server Monitoring: Network status, CPU tracking, customizable alerts, process monitoring.

DDoS Protection

Real-time monitoring and analytics-driven mitigation protect your trading operations from threats.

ChartVPS TradeCopy

Mirror elite traders with ChartVPS TradeCopy. Achieve institutional-grade <1ms trade copying latency for minimal slippage and maximum strategy fidelity. Trade smarter, not harder - available on all our VPS plans.

All Plans

0-1ms latency

Near-instant response for slippage-free trades.

10Gbps network

High-speed data flow for real-time trading.

Windows Server 2022 included

Stable, secure trading environment.

NEXT Scripts

Advanced algorithms for smarter trading.

NEXT Trading Rooms

Real-time insights from experts.

ChartVPS Overdrive

Peak performance for trading apps.

Tested Platform Support

Trusted by algo developers

All plans include

Trend Delta Moving Averagescript: price action
Read More
A composite moving average, driven by an algorithm that tracks real-time trends in price, volume, and various changes (delta) between the two.
NQ X60 Trading Roomreal-time signals
Read More
Follow our trades based on the mighty NEXT Clipper (X-class) algo, published as they are taken. Optimized for Nasdaq futures, with a 60 min outlook.
VWAP Slopescript: oscillator
Read More
This customizable oscillator tracks slope of the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) line, positive and negative, over a user-specified period.
Regressive VWAPscript: price/volume analysis
Read More
This version of VWAP features an algorithm, which, in addition to volume and price, also incorporates regression analysis.
NEXT RSIscript: oscillator
Read More
An amped-up version of the original Relative Strength Index (RSI) oscillator, giving the slope a smoother, sometimes leading edge.
NVDA X15 Trading Roomreal-time signals
Read More
Follow trades based on the mighty NEXT Clipper (X-class) algo, published as they are taken. Optimized for Nvidia intraday stock action, with a 15 min outlook.
Stochastic 3xVWscript: oscillator
Read More
This responsive version of the Stochastic oscillator modifies the original to incorporate volume via VWMA and triple filtering.
Strategy Visualizerscript: simulation
Read More
Enables traders to discover, configure, and plot strategy signals (in the form of arrows) based on any ChartVPS NEXT TradingView indicator.

Trade Faster, Trade Smarter

With our VPS servers, every millisecond counts.
Ready to get started?

VPS for Traders

Harness the power of Xeon CPU cores, experience blazing 10Gbps network speeds, utilize ultra-fast NVMe SSD storage, and choose from 20 strategic data center locations worldwide. Built for traders who demand unmatched performance.

Trade on Metatrader? Check out our Forex VPS plans

Unleash Superior Trading Performance

Don't let lag or downtime hinder your trading.

Technology Built for Trading

Max Security

Experience the fortress of protection with our servers. Every connection between your local devices and the VPS undergoes military-grade encryption, utilizing custom RDP ports for an additional shield against IP scanning bots. It's not just about software: our hardware firewalls are relentless. In the event of a DDoS attack, our active protection mechanism leaps into action. And when it comes to physical security? Our data centers are guarded with state-of-the-art biometric systems, complemented by a vigilant manned security team.

Full Admin Access

Step into the captain's seat with complete control over your server. Every single server we offer is yours to command with full administrative and root access. This means unparalleled freedom: install any software, run your desired programs, and configure the server to your specific requirements. With this degree of access, you can customize your server environment to match your exact needs, ensuring optimized performance for your tasks.

Generous Load Balancing

Performance is paramount, and with our servers, you get nothing short of excellence. Unlike ordinary servers, ours come packed with vast hardware resources, all efficiently managed via intelligent load balancing. So, when we say a dual-core VPS, we mean genuine dual-core efficiency in real-time applications. Note: our dedicated servers are an exception, as they're designed to give you access to 100% of the resources, ensuring unbeatable performance.

Rock-Solid Stability

Our servers are built to withstand the most challenging scenarios. With advanced self-healing technology, if your VPS experiences any unexpected issues, it's promptly migrated to another hardware node. This ensures that you experience minimal disruptions and continue to enjoy a seamless performance. Each server undergoes meticulous tests, from checking heat dissipation to memory operations, guaranteeing you a resilient and high-performing environment tailored for your needs.

Trade with Precision and Power​

ChartVPS servers: Fast. Reliable. Unmatched.
Ready for unparalleled trading?

From Any Corner, Trade Everywhere

ChartVPS ensures rapid deployment in 20 pivotal world locations.


20 Server Locations

Optimized trading servers in 20 global locations. Deploy on 6 continents effortlessly!

Elite, Secure, Green.

Elite hardware for trades, unparalleled security, and eco-friendly dedication. Crafted for today's trader.

Flexible Terms

No yearly commitments. Enjoy our clear monthly pricing. Adjust your plan as trading needs evolve.

Maximize Your Trading Potential

Don't settle for subpar performance.
Experience unparalleled speed and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "0-1ms latency" in your VPS plans?

0-1ms latency indicates an ultra-low network latency inherent to our server infrastructure, ensuring rapid data transmission and processing times. This minimal delay is essential for efficient real-time trade execution, mitigating potential slippage, and optimizing order routing in high-frequency trading (HFT) setups.

What are NEXT Scripts and NEXT Trading Rooms?

ChartVPS NEXT (Nonparametric EXTrapolation) is our algorithmic framework. It is included with all ChartVPS subscriptions at no extra charge. The framework incorporates price action, statistics, volume, momentum, and quantitative analysis. It comes in 2 forms: trading rooms and scripts.

What steps does ChartVPS take to ensure maximum security for its traders?

ChartVPS incorporates industry-leading security measures in each of our server plans. All remote desktop connections leverage RC4 cipher with 128-bit encryption, ensuring secure data transmission between you and the server. We even offer non-standard RDP ports to deter automated IP scanning bots and have integrated advanced hardware firewalls for network protection. Our data centers employ sophisticated biometric authentication systems, and a specialized cybersecurity team continuously monitors network traffic for potential threats and anomalies.

What is the significance of "Full Admin Access"?

Full administrative access grants traders root-level privileges on their servers. This provides an unrestricted environment to deploy software packages, execute desired applications, and fine-tune server configurations to align precisely with specific trading requirements and infrastructure optimizations.

Does ChartVPS provide a dedicated line to CME?

ChartVPS does not maintain a direct peering link to the CME infrastructure. Establishing such dedicated lines, often referred to as Direct Market Access (DMA) connections, is incredibly expensive and not something we can pass on to our clients at a reasonable price. However, our network topology ensures ultra-low latency, typically registering in the 0 to 1-millisecond range, optimizing order execution speeds, even for ultra high frequency traders.

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