Ninjatrader x ChartVPS: Unrivaled Futures Trading

Lightning-fast execution, military-grade security, effortless NinjaTrader setup, and the raw power to fuel your most demanding strategies. Get the VPS that underlines your trading edge.


Network Latency

Ryzen 7950X

Highest tier CPU


Customer Support

1Gbps+ Speed

Burstable up to 10Gbps



NinjaTrader x ChartVPS

ChartVPS ensures rapid deployment in 20 strategic cities.

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NT-Optimized VPS

Unleash NinjaTrader's full potential on our ultra optimized VPS hardware, featuring best-in-class multi and single-thread CPU performance, Gen 4 PCIe SSD storage, and DDR5 RAM

0-1ms Latency

Experience near-instant trade execution, minimizing slippage risk and maximizing fills, with our industry-leading 0-1m network latency.

1Gbps+ Network: Burstable to 10Gbps

Enjoy consistent high-speed data transfer speeds with bursts up to 10Gbps during peak market activity, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

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Windows Environment

Benefit from the latest Windows Server 2022 technology for a stable, secure, and responsive trading environment. It's leaner than Windows 10/11 and fully compatible with Ninjatrader.

Single-Threaded Champion

Turbocharge NinjaTrader's charting with our Ryzen 7950x powered servers, featuring the highest single-threaded CPU performance for smooth, lag-free trading.

NEXT Scripts + Trading Rooms

Elevate your trading with our algo framework incorporating price action, statistics, volume, and more. Available as TradingView scripts and real-time Discord signals.

NinjaTrader VPS Options​

From cutting edge CPUs, to GPU, to 20 data center locations, you get to choose what matters to you.


Virtual Private Server


The Original 3

Virtual Private Server


GPU Accelerated

Virtual Private Server




Single-Threaded Champion

Although NinjaTrader 8 is multi-threaded (works with multiple CPU cores), each instrument is assigned to a single thread, making single-threaded CPU performance critical. ChartVPS's Alpha-Series VPS is powered by the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU, which features a single-thread Passmark score of 4,297, well ahead of our closest competitors who still use the older Ryezn 5950X (3468 Passmark score) or Intel Xeons (under 3000). Our Alphas ensure responsive charting for each instrument, minimizing trading lag and providing desktop-like Ninjatrader user experience.

<1ms Latency

Our network latency of 0-1ms leads the industry. We also offer best-in-class network speeds of 1Gbps (minimum) that burst up to 10Gbps, at no extra charge, when your platforms need it. All this translates to slippage risk reduction, near-instant fills, and synchronized data feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ChartVPS monitor 3rd party IP space (Customer announced IP space) for attacks?

Yes, we monitor all IP space for attacks, but DDOS mitigation is only performed for ChartVPS IP addresses. Additionally, we monitor third-party IP space, which is eligible for automated temporary null-route protection if an attack exceeds specific heuristics.

What IP protocol layers are supported by DDoS protection?
In which locations is DDoS Protection available?
Interested in protecting against even larger attacks than 10Gbps?
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