NEXT Strategies

a complete library of Scripts and Trading Room algos


There are 2 types of NEXT Strategies: Trading Rooms and Scripts (learn more)

NEXT Volatility-Momentum Moving Average

Overview Volatility-Momentum Moving Average (VolMo MA) incorporates two key market dynamics into its price averaging formula: volatility and momentum. Traditional MAs, like EMA, often lag in volatile markets or during strong price moves. By integrating volatility (price range variability) and...

NEXT Trend Delta Moving Average

Overview​ Trend Delta Moving Average (TDMA) is a composite moving average, driven by an algorithm that tracks real-time trends in price, volume, and various changes (delta) between the two. TDMA is low lagging but filtered (smoothed) MA type, with a...


Overview​ This customizable oscillator tracks slope of the Volume-Weighted Average Price ( VWAP ) line, positive and negative, over a user-specified run (bar distance). It is highly responsive, far more so than VWAP alone, making it suitable for issuing long...

NEXT Regressive VWAP

Overview​ This version of the Volume-Weighted Average Price ( VWAP ) indicator features an extended algorithm, which, in addition to volume and price, also incorporates regression analysis. The result is a more responsive, often leading VWAP slope with a degree...


Overview​ Developed by ChartVPS Technologies as part of our NEXT series of algo-driven indicators, strategies, and signals, NEXT RSI an amped-up version of the original Relative Strength Index ( RSI ) oscillator, giving the slope a smoother, sometimes leading edge....

NEXT Strategy Visualizer

Overview​ As suggestive by its name, NEXT Strategy Visualizer enables traders to discover, configure, and plot strategy signals (in the form of arrows) based on any ChartVPS NEXT TradingView indicator. It is intended to be a visual strategy builder, primarily...

NEXT Stochastic 3xVW

Overview​ This responsive version of the Stochastic oscillator modifies and extends the original to incorporate volume. It does so on 2 levels: by using Volume-Weighted Moving Average (VWMA) as input and applying a triple volume weighting filter within the internal...

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