ChartVPS in Trading Action

trade any platform via any device

MultiCharts running on ChartVPS server (Windows Server 2016), accessed via Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection

We'll start with the most common scenario: connecting to your ChartVPS Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server via Windows's built-in Remote Desktop Connection - available in all versions of Windows operating system, including 10, 8, 7, XP. In the example below, we're using Windows 10 to connect to MultiCharts, located on a ChartVPS server. What you see in the open window below is MultiCharts, but on the remote server (VPS or dedicated), not your local desktop. If you're not familiar with VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology, you can think of it as your fully functional remote computer, accessible from any device.

MultiCharts on ChartVPS server via Mac OS X

Connecting to our Windows-based VPS from a Mac OS device (10.5 and higher) is as simple and as fast as using Windows itself. Enter the address, username, and password, and enjoy native-like performance you'd expect from using Windows. You can even select the screen size for your VPS portal.

TradeStation + MultiCharts on ChartVPS server via Apple iPad

Use any iOS device to connect to our servers, and enjoy the same smooth remote desktop experience you get with a desktop connection. In the example below, we're connecting to a ChartVPS remote server via iPad. TradeStation and MultiCharts both run smoothly and responsively, even when used simultaneously, since all data processing is done on the server side.

NinjaTrader on Local PC + ChartVPS, Simultaneous Discretionary + Automated Trading

Since ChartVPS incorporates multiple Internet providers, guaranteeing 100% uptime, you can reliably automate your strategies on the VPS, while still doing discretionary trading on your local PC. In the example below, we're using NinjaTrader with Kinetick data feed to accomplish this task - the Remote Desktop window (in the foreground) accesses NinjaTrader hosted on a ChartVPS server with strategy automation in place, while trader is free to pursue manual trading on their local Windows 10 PC.

TradeStation on ChartVPS server via Apple iPhone

Smaller iOS devices such as iPhones and iPods can be used in horizontal or portrait mode. Since screen real-estate is smaller strategy programming may not be ideal, but it's perfect for checking up on market action, signals, and setting up alerts. Below are examples of iPhone connected to ChartVPS via Remote Desktop in portrait and full-screen landscape modes.

TradeStation on local PC + Ninjatrader on ChartVPS server accessed via Chrome Remote Desktop

Trade locally and remotely, by running one platform on your physical PC and another on a ChartVPS server. In this example we're accomplishing that by using the Chrome Remote Desktop app for the Google Chrome browser to access Ninjatrader on a ChartVPS server, while simultaneously running TradeStation locally. If you do not use Google Chrome but want browser access to your server see the Web Remote Desktop example below. ChartVPS is fully compatible with the Chrome Remote Desktop, app and protocol.

TradeStation on ChartVPS server via Chrome Browser (Web Remote Desktop)

If you don't have access to a Remote Desktop app, we offer the Web Remote Desktop facility that you can use to access your server via any modern browser. In this example, we're accessing TradeStation on our ChartVPS server via Chrome browser (any modern browser, such as Safari, FireFox, Edge, Opera, etc. works) - efficiency and technologies behind the HTML5 standard ensure that performance is comparable to a native Remote Desktop app.

Metatrader 4 (MT4) on ChartVPS server via Android tablet

Just like iOS, Google's Android-powered devices are also fully compatible with all ChartVPS plans. In the example below, we're using an Android-powered tablet to remote connect and trade Metatrader 4 (MT4) located on our ChartVPS server. Both, Metatrader 4 and 5 are fully compatible with our hardware.

MultiCharts on ChartVPS server via Android smartphone

Continuing from the previous screenshot, this one shows us using an Android-powered smartphone (Pixel) to access MultiCharts located on the ChartVPS remote server (running Windows Server 2016). The Remote Desktop app supports mouse and touch gestures, allowing you to directly interact with graphical user interface elements using your fingers - for example dragging a TradeStation window.

Trading remotely with NinjaTrader on ChartVPS via Android smartphone

With ChartVPS, you have the freedom to trade from anywhere while knowing that your connection is always secure and encrypted. This means you can act the moment a trading opportunity arises. In this example we're using an Android smartphone to access Ninjatrader on our ChartVPS server and place live trades (buying AAPL).

Running multiple platforms simultaneously (TradeStation + Metatrader 4) on ChartVPS server, accessed via Windows 7

The powerful hardware comprising each of our VPS plans is capable of simultaneously running multiple platforms. In the example below, we're using Windows 7's built-in Remote Desktop application to access our VPS's desktop, which includes TradeStation and Metatrader running side-by-side.

Using mobile devices to connect to a ChartVPS server and develop custom indicators

Anything you do on your local computer can be done on your ChartVPS server via Remote Desktop, on the go and from any device. This also includes development of custom indicators. In the example below, we're using an iPhone (landscape orientation) to access EasyLanguage Development Environment and modify code for TradeStation's Volume Weighted Moving Average indicator add-on.

Similarly, in the example below, we are modifying the Parabolic SAR add-on within EasyLanguage Environment but this time on an Android Phone in portrait mode. We are connected to the ChartVPS server via Remote Desktop.

Configuring platform settings and alerts on the go

Many of our clients use ChartVPS as a remote trading or signal server that they can access via mobile device on the go. Thanks to the powerful hardware in each server, in addition to ChartVPS's Internet backbone redundancy networks, platforms remain online 24/7, ensuring each automated trade rule is executed and every signal forwarded to clients' mobile device or email. Most common uses for our servers include automated trading, changing indicator/strategy settings on the go (as shown in the example below), and receiving alerts in real-time, using email, visual, push-to-phone, and audio notifications.

Do even more with Trader's ToolboxTM, included with every ChartVPS subscription

Every ChartVPS plan includes access to Trader's ToolboxTM, a collection of custom-developed platform add-ons (such as as UVOL-DVOL Delta pictured below) intended to help traders develop or expand their technical analysis strategy framework. These add-ons are available for many of the popular platforms, including TradeStation, MultiCharts, Ninjatrader, Metatrader.

The toolbox also includes access to server and network monitoring services (such as the Uptime Monitor, pictured below), capable of notifying users, in real-time, of any potential connectivity or system issues.