NEXT Trend Delta Moving Average (TDMA)TM

a composite trend weighted MA


Trend Delta Moving Average (TDMA) is a composite moving average, driven by an algorithm that tracks real-time trends in price, volume, and various changes (delta) between the two. TDMA is low lagging but filtered (smoothed) MA type, with a sometimes predictive slope (via price divergence). This indicator allows you to plot one or two TDMA lines, as well as their crossovers, expressed in the form of long/short signals.

This Nasdaq 100 futures (CME: NQ) example shows both TDMA lines and their crossover signals.

Key Features

  • Composite moving average weighted by real-time trend changes in price and volume
  • User-configurable lagless filtering
  • Option of plotting one or two TDMA lines
  • Option of plotting TDMA line crossovers
  • Native alerts via TradingView, including price / Trend Delta Moving Average (TDMA) crossovers
  • Free, available for TradingView – a free platform

Input Parameters

  • Length TDMA1 – length of the first Trend Delta Moving Average (TDMA)
  • Length TDMA2 – length of the second TDMA
  • Trendiness TDMA1 – the amount of trend weighting added to the first TDMA line (lower = more recent trend, higher = longer term trend)
  • Trendiness TDMA2 – the amount of trend weighting added to the second TDMA line (lower = more recent trend, higher = longer term trend)
  • Source – data used for calculating the MAs, typically Close, but can be used with other price formats and data sources as well
  • Offset – shifting of the TDMA lines forward (+) or backward (-)
  • Plot TDMA1 Only – when checked, will only plot a single TDMA line (TDMA1)
  • Plot TDMA Crossovers – when checked, will plot an up arrow (long signal) when TDMA1 crosses over TDMA2, and a down arrow (short signal) when TDMA1 crosses under TDMA2


Trend Delta MA Crossovers

Long signal when the faster TDMA1 crosses over the slower TDMA2. For visual signals (arrows) tick Plot TDMA Crossovers within indicator settings. The NQ 1-minute chart below shows TDMA1, length 25 crossing over TDMA2, length 65.


TradingView is our platform of choice for publication of the NEXT framework (indicators, strategies, etc.). The platform is free to use (Basic plan) with optional paid features, if you need them. You don't for NEXT when using a single chart. Their fair approach to empowering retail traders aligns with ours. Trading should not be exclusive to hedge fund managers and professional traders. You can find all of our algo-driven software on the ChartVPS TradingView Scripts page. If you do decide to go with a paid version of TradingView (not required for ChartVPS NEXT), you can use this link to get up to $30 off.

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