Algos & Discord

In a nutshell

We've introduced new Discord channels - trading rooms covering NVDA and NQ - and reorganized existing as ChartVPS NEXT nears general public release.

We are approaching the general public release of ChartVPS NEXT, which required a little bit of housecleaning on our Discord server. Things were getting a little too busy over in the NVDA channel, so to avoid confusion, we’ve decided to give each active algo that’s pushing signals its own, dedicated channel. Altogether, here are the changes we’ve made:

  • introduced a dedicated channel for ⁠#nvda-x15 which runs the latest, top-tier X class of algos we code-named Clipper
  • to separate signals from technicals behind each algo, we’ve created the ⁠#helloalgo channel that chronicles all of the algos published on our server – here you’ll find stuff like stats, behaviour, order management info, and other fun stuff
  • organization matters so we’ve grouped channels along major market lines: stocks, futures, crypto. These are the target markets our algos will be covering
  • created the #⁠nq-x60 channel for the incoming algo signals covering the nasdaq-100 futures and their derivatives (QQQ etc)
  • created ⁠#banter for member chat, Q&As, best practices, and so forth – a trusty, eager-to-help bot is also incoming to share their wisdom
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