Hibernation: Pause Your Subscription, Protect Your Setup

Take a break from trading without losing your workspace. Our hibernation mode securely freezes your VPS, maintaining all your data and configurations for a seamless return to the market.

VPS Hibernation Pricing

Hibernation Addon

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per month

Hibernation Addon

per month

Key features

Hibernation Explained

Take a trading break without the hassle. Hibernation creates a secure snapshot of your VPS, storing data and configurations on our encrypted servers. Resume rapidly and pick up right where you left off.

Maximize Trading Agility With ChartVPS Hibernation

Adapt to ever-changing markets without sacrificing your edge. Hibernation securely freezes your trading setup, including all data, strategies, and platform configurations. Reactivate with lightning speed when opportunities arise, picking up exactly where you left off. Stay prepared, protect your hard work, and never miss a beat in the dynamic trading landscape.

Hibernate Now

Need a break? We offer multiple ways to activate Hibernation. Contact our support team (ticket or live chat) or opt for the fastest route – subscribe to the service directly, and we'll handle the rest.

Resume Trading

Contact our support team for immediate VPS reactivation from hibernation. This is a prime moment to assess your trading needs – stick with your old plan or explore the possibility of upgrading for greater performance and flexibility.

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