Data Centers

Test latency (ping) and speed at available locations, strategically located close to the world's biggest exchanges and brokers.

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ChartVPS Locations

Optimized trading servers in 20+ global locations.

Deploy Low Latency VPS

ChartVPS servers: Fast. Reliable. Unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "0-1ms latency" in your VPS plans?
0-1ms latency indicates an ultra-low network latency inherent to our server infrastructure, ensuring rapid data transmission and processing times. This minimal delay is essential for efficient real-time trade execution, mitigating potential slippage, and optimizing order routing in high-frequency trading (HFT) setups.
Does ChartVPS provide a dedicated line to CME?
ChartVPS does not maintain a direct peering link to the CME infrastructure. Establishing such dedicated lines, often referred to as Direct Market Access (DMA) connections, is incredibly expensive and not something we can pass on to our clients at a reasonable price. However, our network topology ensures ultra-low latency, typically registering in the 0 to 1-millisecond range, optimizing order execution speeds, even for ultra high frequency traders.
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