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Chart Analysis
Every ChartVPS client has access to Trader's Toolbox, tools designed to monitor network uptime and response rate (lag), analyze their server, and perform chart analysis via platform add-ons.

Chart Analysis/Platform Add-ons

UVOL-DVOL Delta™ - developed exclusively for ChartVPS by mnikolic (our parent company) that specializes in trading algorithms, UVOL-DVOL Delta tracks the difference (and momentum) between stocks ticking up (uptrending) and ticking down (downtrending) in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). When the UVOL-DVOL Delta oscillator line/histogram diverges from price action, especially that of a broad market index like S&P 500 (SPY, ES, etc.), it is signaling a potential reversal. For example, if UVOL-DVOL Delta is uptrending and price downtrending a potential bullish reversal is forming while the inverse relationship (price up, delta down) signals a potential bearish reversal. The SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA) 3-minute chart below shows the bearish divergence between price and UVOL-DVOL Delta histogram - the former kept climbing higher while the latter stayed flat and even declined. Bearish reversal followed shortly after.
The UVOL-DVOL Delta add-on also includes the option to display the momentum (rate of charge) of uptrending to downtrending stocks, which has the ability to forecast a reversal faster than numerical difference alone. To activate the momentum mode set UVOL-DVOL Delta's parameter Rate_of_Change to true. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) 1-minute chart below demonstrates the aforementioned UVOL-DVOL Delta strategy in intraday trading. While SPY kept going lower, the UVOL-DVOL Delta momentum histogram kept climbing higher, indicating a potential bullish reversal in price action.
Finally, UVOL-DVOL Delta also includes the option to display the oscillator average, which can be used to gauge underlying market sentiment. If UVOL-DVOL histogram is above its average, the sentiment is bullish, if under, bearish. The iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) 1-minute chart shows UVOL-DVOL Delta's average and sentiment benchmarking in action: histogram above the average line accurately followed bullish action and inverse for bearish.
More tools coming in November/December 2017 - all ChartVPS subscribers will have access to additional chart analysis tools, including Tick Delta and TradeBuilder Community Edition. These tools will come as add-ons for platforms most commonly used by our clients, namely TradeStation, MultiCharts, Metatrader, and Ninjatrader. Their development, exclusive to ChartVPS, is being handled by traders over at mnikolic.

Network Monitoring Tools

Network Health Monitor - each client receives a unique, encrypted url that they can visit to keep track of their server's uptime and response rate (also known as lag) statistics. This same tool, which comes preconfigured on sign-up and requires no additional input from the client, also sends alerts, in real-time, if client's VPS ever becomes unreachable. Although downtime is unlikely, the alerts ensure clients can take preemptive action if they have outstanding orders with their broker. Each VPS is pinged from multiple locations to ensure global availability and low latency. You can test run this tool from one of our VPS instances by going to

Server Diagnosis Tools

Process Explorer - this fully licensed tool comes preinstalled on each client's VPS (Windows Server only), replacing Task Manager. We find Process Manager to be far more effective at grouping Windows processes and showing their hardware consumption, allowing users to perform quick and clear diagnosis (including process closing/restarting) if software conflicts arise. This tool also incorporates active ant-virus measures, notifying users (via Virus Total column) if suspicious process ever gets activated.
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