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Network Monitoring Tools

Network Health Monitor

Tracks server's network statistics, including uptime, lag (and response rate), as well as any recorded downtime. Clients are notified, in real-time, of any network issues.

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - Network Health Monitor response times

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - Network Health Monitor full statistics

Key Features

  • Logs and graphs extensive server network details, including lag (response time), uptime, downtime, and reasons behind any issues
  • Reliable lag estimates, obtained via numerous, multi-locational pings
  • Statistics for every client's server accessed via personalized encrypted link, such as
  • Real-time alerts via email, in the unlikely event that server experiences network and stability issues or becomes unreachable

Server Diagnosis Tools

Process Explorer

This Task Manager replacement provides a wealth of information about Windows processes and server hardware, helping identify any software or compatibility issues. Also integrates active anti-virus screening.

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - Process Explorer and its process trees

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - Process Explorer CPU hardware profile

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - Process Explorer memory utilization

Key Features

  • Analyzes and displays process trees representing the entire server software environment
  • Identifies software/hardware compatibility issues and conflicts between individual application processes
  • Audits and displays comprehensive hardware information, including its health and utilization
  • Incorporates anti-virus screening tools, informing users of questionable or potentially unsafe processes/applications

Platform Add-ons/Chart Analysis

ChartVPS NEXT Logo

All active software development is now done within the ChartVPS NEXT banner, a next-generation, algo-driven trading framework featuring indicators, strategies, and real-time signals. You may still use the legacy tools below but they are no longer updated.


Tracks the difference (and momentum) between stocks ticking up (uptrending) and down (downtrending) in the New York Stock Exchange. Divergence between UVOL-DVOL Delta oscillator and price action, especially that of a broad market index like S&P 500 (SPY, ES, etc.), signals a potential reversal. Includes an averaging function for measuring volume trends. Featured markets below include DIA 3-min, SPY 1-min, IWM 1-min.

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - UVOL-DVOL Delta price-volume divergence on DIA M3

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - UVOL-DVOL Delta volume rate of change on SPY M1

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - UVOL-DVOL Delta volume flow identifying market sentiment on IWM M1

Key Features

  • Assists in broad market price-volume analysis via 3 operational modes
  • Pure Delta gauges divergence between price and oscillator, indicating either soft demand (screenshot #1: DIA 3-min) or over supply
  • Delta Momentum calculates UVOL-DVOL rate of change (screenshot #2: SPY 1-min), representative of low-lag volume flow momentum
  • Market Sentiment averages volume flow, representing volume trends in relation to price movement (screenshot #3: IWM 1-min), with values above 0 indicating an underlying bullish environment, and below 0 a bearish
  • Available now for TradeStation and MultiCharts; NinjaTrader version coming soon

TradeBuilder Community Edition

This comprehensive strategy-building framework lets traders combine elements from up to 5 technical analysis indicators (around 45 input parameters) in order to build composite rules for long and short signals. Capable of building, both, trend-following and scalping strategies. Featured markets below include EUR/USD 15-min x2 and GBP/USD 15-min.

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - TradeBuilder Community Edition, trend-following strategy for EURUSD M15

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - TradeBuilder Community Edition, trend-following strategy (Double MA Cross, RSI, Force Index) for EURUSD M15, zoomed in

ChartVPS Trader ToolBox - TradeBuilder Community Edition, trend-following strategy (Double MA Cross, RSI, CCI, Stochastic, Force Index) for GBPUSD M15, zoomed in

Key Features

  • Build a fully-personalized strategy by combining elements of up to 5 technical analysis indicators, including Double Moving Average Cross, Relative Strength Index, Commodity Channel Index, Stochastic Oscillator, and Force Index
  • Follow trend or scalp momentum/volatility via Stochastic Overbought/Oversold Mode
  • Real-time long/short signal alerts with multiple delivery options, including visual (on chart), audio, pop-up, or email
  • All signals are confirmed and never repaint (they are never re-issued for the same condition) - where you see arrows is exactly the bar where alerts were issued
  • Includes preconfigured workspaces for various markets such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD
  • Developed exclusively for ChartVPS by MNikolic Investment Technologies - an established fintech firm with over a decade of algorithm-building experience
  • Available now for Metatrader; TradeStation, MultiCharts, and NinjaTrader versions coming soon