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MultiCharts running on ChartVPS server (Windows Server 2016), accessed via Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection

We'll start with the most common scenario: connecting to your ChartVPS Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server via Windows's built-in Remote Desktop Connection - available in all modern versions of Windows operating system, including 10, 8, 7, XP - even Windows 8 RT. In the example below, we're using Windows 10 to connect to MultiCharts, located on a ChartVPS server. All you need is the server IP address, username, and password, which we provide after sign-up. What you see in the open window below is MultiCharts, but on the remote server (VPS or dedicated), not your local desktop. If you're not familiar with VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology, you can think of it as a portal to a remote computer - in our case, a Windows-based server.

MultiCharts on ChartVPS server via Mac OS X

Connecting to our Windows-based VPS from a Mac OS device (10.5 and higher) is as simple and as fast as using Windows itself. Enter the address, username, and password, and enjoy native-like performance you'd expect from using Windows. You can even select the screen size for your VPS portal.

TradeStation + MultiCharts on ChartVPS server via Apple iPad

We also offer a VPS connection for mobile traders with a penchant for Apple products. In the scenario below, we're connecting to our ChartVPS remote server via Apple's iPad tablet. TradeStation and MultiCharts both run smoothly and responsively, even when used simultaneously.

TradeStation on ChartVPS server via Apple iPhone

If you love Apple's products but prefer something pocket-sized, then we have that covered too. You can use ChartVPS to access your VPS via iPhone. The screen is smaller, so strategy creation may not be ideal, but it's perfect for checking up on market action, signals, and setting up alerts.

Metatrader 4 on ChartVPS server via Android tablet

Just like iOS, Google's Android-powered devices are also fully compatible with all ChartVPS plans. In the example below, we're using an Android-powered tablet to remote connect and trade Metatrader 4 located on our ChartVPS server.

MultiCharts on ChartVPS server via Android smartphone

Aside from having a smaller screen, Android-powered smartphones of all shapes and sizes perform just as well as Android tablets. Android phones tend to have higher resolution screens, meaning you can still pack quite a bit of desktop real-estate onto them. The following scenario uses an Android-powered smartphone to access MultiCharts located on the ChartVPS remote server.

Running multiple platforms simultaneously (TradeStation + Metatrader 4) on ChartVPS server, accessed via Windows 7

The high-caliber hardware inside each of our VPS plans is capable of simultaneously running multiple platforms. While the Personal VPS plan offers adequate performance, Daytrader, Professional, and Institutional plans are recommended for smoothest multi-platform operation. In the example below, we're using Windows 7's built-in Remote Desktop Connection to access our VPS's desktop which includes TradeStation and MultiCharts running side-by-side.

Using an Android tablet to connect to a ChartVPS server and develop custom indicators

These last few screenshots focus on usability scenarios of the ChartVPS remote VPS service. You could, for example, develop, modify, and compile custom indicators and studies on the go, from any device. In the scenario below, we're again using our trusty Android-powered tablet to modify code for MultiCharts's TRIX indicator add-on.

Here is the same MultiCharts development environment (PowerEditor) on a smaller, 5.2 inch Android smartphone. Remember, you are not running MultiCharts on your phone, you are accessing it on a remote ChartVPS server via ChartVPS.

You can use ChartVPS to develop custom studies for a multitude of platforms - as long as you have internet or data access. Don't worry, if you suddenly lose internet access, your data will remain safe on the remote ChartVPS server. You'll be able to continue precisely where you left off next time you connect.

Configuring platform settings and alerts on the go

Many of our clients use ChartVPS as a trading or signal server. Since our servers contain powerful hardware, connected to the Internet backbones, and run 24/7, they are very well suited for forwarding platform alert notifications to smartphones and email addresses. Our VPS and dedicated server plans enable you to change indicator settings on the go, and receive every alert signal in real-time (within 5 seconds), using email, push-to-phone (platform-dependant), and audio notifications.

Do even more with Trader's Toolbox, included with every ChartVPS subscription

ChartVPS service can be remotely accessed via any device running: Windows (10, 8, 7, XP, Server, Phone), Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Mac OS X, Linux, Blackberry.

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