ChartVPS NEXT StrategyTM

a library of algo-driven indicators and strategies

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ChartVPS NEXTTM framework has 2 parts: NEXT Strategy, a collection of innovative add-ons (listed below), and NEXT Signal, which provides all subscribers with real-time market opportunities.


An amped-up version of the original Relative Strength Index ( RSI ) oscillator, giving the slope a smoother, sometimes leading edge. Our not-so-secret sauce within the algo is price / volume weighing, completely user configurable.

NEXT Strategy Visualizer

Enables traders to discover, configure, and plot strategy signals (in the form of arrows) based on any ChartVPS NEXT indicator. Visualizer can be used standalone or as part of a broader trading system (e.g. validation or enter / exit signal only).

NEXT Stochastic 3xVW

Modifies and extends the original Stochastic oscillator to incorporate volume. It does so on 2 levels: using Volume-Weighted Moving Average (VWMA) as input and applying a triple volume weighting filter within the internal algorithm.

NEXT Regressive VWAP

This Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) algorithm incorporates user-configurable (variable) regression analysis, producing a more responsive VWAP slope with a degree of statistical predictability.


This customizable oscillator tracks slope of the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) line, positive and negative, over a user-specified run (bar distance). Highly responsive and suitable for trend-following, scalping, exits.

NEXT Trend Delta Moving Average (TDMA)

This is a composite moving average, driven by an algorithm that tracks real-time trends in price, volume, and various changes (delta) between the two. DMA is low lagging but filtered (smoothed) MA type, with a sometimes predictive slope.

More coming soon

We just launched NEXT Strategy in October 2021 - there are dozens of more tools under development (including algo-generated signals) covering most spheres of technical anlysis. Check back often or follow us on TradingView.