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Our mission is to provide secure, reliable, high-performance VPS services catered specifically to financial traders. In a nutshell, we would like ChartVPS to be your remote trading platform - as stable, fast, and capable as a physical computer next to you.

The Company

ChartVPS is a subsidiary of mnikolic - an established developer of financial trading software products and services. We are headquartered in downtown Toronto, Canada, with server farms and network infrastructure across North America, Europe, and Asia - strategically positioned to reliably serve a global trader.

ChartVPS was launched in early 2013 (one of the world's first VPS for finance providers) and came about purely through user demand. As mnikolic added features such as e-mail and phone notifications to its analytical and signal-driven software, the users demanded a reliable and affordable VPS service they could use to set-up a 24-hour signal/trade execution server for the software. They also wanted the ability to access the software remotely, regardless of where they were.

Our answer was to provide a VPS service designed from ground-up with the financial trader in mind. That meant 4 things: reliability and security, processing power, customizability, and accessibility.

Reliability & Support

Our modern VPS server farms feature redundancy measures and peer via multiple Internet backbones (including Cogent - rated as having the highest global connectivity degree). At 99.999% uptime in the last 15 years, our infrastructure ensures you remain online and in the market.

Should you ever encounter a problem, have a question, or need help setting up platforms, we are just an email or support ticket away. Every VPS plan is fully managed - meaning, we're always here to assist you, whenever you may need us.

We'll help you orient yourself within the VPS environment, install and configure trading platforms of your choice, and even set-up e-mail and phone alerts. Our staff includes real traders so feel free to be as specific and jargon-spoken as you'd like.

Processing Power

We know trading platforms consume plenty of computing resources - namely processor, memory (RAM), storage, and network. This is why each VPS plan offered by ChartVPS is custom-built and torture-tested for performance and platform compatibility and stability. We assure you that each VPS plan has enough processing power to smoothly run any application a trader might need (up to the advertised number of simultaneous open charts). Each of our VPS plans offers dedicated Xeon processor cores, fast, multi-channel ECC RAM, performance solid state storage (SSD), and even hardware Raid 10 disk failure protection, to ensure every platforms' needs are satisfied, and data backed-up in case of outage. Metatrader, TradeStation, MultiCharts, Ninjatrader, ThinkOrSwim Desktop, java-based broker platforms - even multiple platforms at the same time - they all run fast and remain stable. Our ultra-low lag network has numerous (redundant) suppliers and runs at industry-leading 1000 to 10000 Mbps with enough bandwidth to cover even the most demanding of data feeds and trade execution frequencies (including scalping and high frequency).

Platform Customizability

You already know that you're getting a high-end VPS hardware configuration and network backbone with ChartVPS. You should also know that your VPS will be running Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016 with full administrative privileges, giving you the ability to set it up precisely the way you want it.

Feel free to install any trading platform, charting software, or third-party indicator/analysis tool that you need. We have tested many and they all work fine. See the compatibility list below for full details.

Set-up the VPS desktop the way your trading environment demands it. Then, when you're done trading for the day, simply sign-off. The VPS machine will continue running, executing any automatically triggered or preprogrammed trades. If you're a discretionary trader, the VPS will continue updating charts and await your return for the next trading session.

Accessibility & Security

Connectivity was one of our primary objectives with ChartVPS. You can access and fully control our Windows-based VPS and your platforms from any major device - even your smart phone. As of this writing, we offer full connectivity from devices running Windows (10/8/7/Server/XP/Phone), Mac OS, Android, iOS(iPad, iPhone), Blackberry.

Good connectivity requires good security. We understand that trading strategies and your custom code are unique to your success and should never be accessed by anyone without your consent. All connections to our servers are secured with military-grade encryption. No one - not even us - can see what you are doing, unless you need assistance and give us permission ahead of time. The buildings that house our servers are also under manned security surveillance 24/7.

Our Infrastructure

We utilize hardware that has been tested and proven to be stable with even the most demanding trading platforms. For example, we use ECC RAM, which is high-quality server memory immune to most data corruption - the same type used in sensitive scientific applications. Our objective is to let you focus on trading and not worry about technical matters. Each VPS offers complete stability, high-performance, and perpetual connectivity. Below are technical specifications for inquiring minds:

Datacenter and node locations

VPS Server Hardware

Network and facility infrastructure

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